Vellux Blanket Washing Instructions

Katharine Mitchell

Vellux blankets are soft, durable and lightweight. The nylon fabric used in the production of Vellux blankets is hypoallergenic, making it a popular choice among people with dust mite allergies. The blanket is also appealing to people with allergies because it can be washed frequently and in hot water.

Vellux blankets are cozy and durable.

Vellux blankets are popular in hotels, given that they are low maintenance, easy to wash and dry, and don't pill after laundering.

    Vellux blankets soften with every wash.
  1. Wash the blanket in hot or cold water on regular cycle in a washing machine. Use liquid fabric detergent or washing powder dissolved in water.

  2. Tumble dry your Vellex blanket.
  3. Tumble dry your Vellux blanket. Set the dryer for a 15-minute spin to thoroughly dry a wet blanket. Do not use fabric softener when drying your Vellux blanket, as the blanket softens naturally with each washing cycle.

  4. Remove your Vellux blanket from the dryer. Wrap the blanket in dry-cleaning tissue if you are putting it away in storage. Do not store it in a plastic bag or airtight container.

  5. Tip

    Launder your Vellux blanket at least once every six months to keep it clean and soft.