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How to Replace a Bathtub in a Mobile Home

Nichole Liandi

If the bathtub in your mobile home has developed cracks, or just won't clean up to your standards, it's time to change it. Budget yourself some time to do this job, and you'll be pleased with the results.

Replace a Bathtub in a Mobile Home
  1. Shut off all water to the tub, then unscrew the pipes leading to the drain and water faucets. Remove the faucets and shower heads. Once this is done, remove the tub and surround. To do this most efficiently, remove the surround first, which will expose the screws holding the tub in place.

  2. Prepare the area for the new tub. Make any subfloor repairs that are necessary, then install rimboards to hold the new tub in position. Follow the new tub's installation instructions and measure carefully to ensure accurate placement of the boards.

  3. Secure a new drain to the tub, then set the tub into place and secure it according to the tub's installation instructions. Once the tub is secured into place, install the new surround, following the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer.

  4. Drill holes in the surround for placement of the faucet and shower head. Be sure to measure carefully in this step before doing any drilling into the new surround.

  5. Attach the new faucets to the plumbing and test your connections.

  6. Apply a proper caulk or sealant around the tub and surround edge and allow time for curing before you let the area get wet.

  7. Tip

    Before buying a new tub, be sure to measure the one you're replacing carefully.