How to Build a Portable Building

In this article you will learn how to bulid a simple buliding that can be used for storage, office space, or even ceremonial purposes. Following the steps below precisely, will result in a durable, functional, easy to maintain, portable, and most of all cost effective.

Build a Portable Building

This project can be done in to regular work shifts.

  1. Find pictures on google images, or in a builders magazine that you would want to model your building after.Create a blueprint on graph paper. In your blueprint you will draw the finished product and specify all the necessary dimensions according how much space you want your building to have. Try to pick a structure that is relative to your abilities.

  2. Make a list of all the necessary tools you will need in order to fully assembly your portable building.Locate three local hardware stores and price match for the best cost.

  3. Purchase your parts, and bring all your tools and building pieces to the designated assembly spot. If the pieces need cutting ask the hardware store if they will cut them to your dimensions. Be sure to buy pieces according to dimensions you specified in your blueprint.

  4. Separate all items by class around building space.

  5. Check the building space to be sure it is stable.

  6. Lay pre-cut 4x4's down parallel, as many needed according to the width you have pre-determined. Place them evenly 12 inches apart. Place one long 2x4 along the front and back of the lined up 4x4's from edge to edge.

  7. Place 12 inch 2x4 pieces in the middle of the 4x4's. Nail flat plates in order to secure them.

  8. Drill 4 inch screws along the front and back of the long 2x4's into the 4x4's. Place a screw in the top and bottom approximately 1 inch apart.

  9. Lay one or two large 2 1/2 inch thick pieces of plywood for flooring, flush from edge to edge.

  10. Drill 4 inch screws generously throughout the flooring to the 4x4's

  11. Drill Y or L brackets at each corner for more stability.

  12. Start with the sides of the building.Attach 2x4's 12 inches apart around the entire outer part, by drilling each one at the bottom into the 4x4 foundation. Skip or leave space in the front for your door.

  13. Line 2 1/2 inch thick walls up according to the outlined dimensions against 2x4's and drill 2 inch screws proportionately throughout the wall into the 2x4's. Place L brackets along the bottom of the wall, drilling them into the 4x4's.

  14. Cut the front and back walls with the roof shaping of your choice. This way you will less attaching to do. Choose a simple roof shape such as flat or triangular, so your cuts will be simple

  15. Cut out the front door according to dimensions you designed before you install the front wall. Cut door with 1/2 space all around to allow room for weather stripping, and also opening and closing mobility. Be sure the front and back walls are cut with room to be attached to the side walls.

  16. Install door using 8 hole hinges and 1 1/2 screws. Place one hinge 5 1/2 inches from the top of the door, one in the middle, and one 5 1/2 inches from the bottom of the door.

  17. Cut roof shapes with 3 inch plywood. Apply waterproof solvent to the wood with paint roller covering completely.

  18. Lay 2x4's across the empty ceiling at 18 to 24 inches apart. Then drill the ends into the rising 2x4's from the walls.

  19. Place waterproofed roof on top of 2x4's. Drill screws around the edges to secure, then from the inside drill 3 inch screws through 2x4's in the ceiling.

  20. Tip

    Where proper safety equipment at all times. Use weather treated wood. Use wood screws only.


    Find an assistant if you can. Don't build on dirt surface.