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How to Preserve Copper

Preserving the appearance of copper is an ongoing effort. Even if the factory applied protective coating keeps the copper from tarnishing early on, the shiny new look will certainly disappear over time. Read more to learn how to maintain and preserve your copper.

  1. Maintain and preserve copper. Exposure to moisture and oxygen may tarnish copper. Oxidation also occurs due to the UV rays found in sunlight. Although there is no permanent solution, there are a few things you can do to maintain and preserve copper.

  2. Rub copper with a brand name tarnish remover. Use a damp cloth and allow to dry. Patiently buff with a soft rag to bring new life to the copper.

  3. Use a form of corrosion inhibitor. Make sure the inhibitor can be applied to a sponge. This is the best method to minimize tarnishing.

  4. Apply a natural cleaner. Use a natural cleaner, like a paste made with moistened salt and vinegar or lemon juice, to clean and brighten copper cookware and pots.

  5. To retain a shiny appearance, whether it be located outside, a decorative interior home item or a piece of jewelry, occasional maintenance is required for copper.

  6. Tip

    Copper creates a remarkable effect when used on any design.