How to Weatherproof a Manufactured Home

Winter will be here before you know it. Is your manufactured home ready to stand the harsh winter weather? Get your home ready for the cold winds ahead. Do not wait until the roughest season. Do a little through the summer or fall and everything will not hit you all at once.

Keep up proper maintenance on your manufactured home and go through another winter worry-free.

  1. Secure the foundation. The whole house lies on top of the foundation. Check each block or jack around the entire house. Look for cracks or any instability. If you find any of these problems, you will need to replace the cracked or bad areas.

  2. Insulate all pipes. Take a good look at condition of everything under the house. Insulation needs to be in proper areas. To keep pipes from freezing in the bitter cold, insulate all pipes well.

  3. Remove air leaks. Take a can of silicone around cracks in plumbing, windows and siding joints. Seal everything up tight to keep the cold air out of the living quarters. This will also save you on energy costs. Other places to check are fireplaces, dryer vents and pipe entry areas. Remove door drafts. If your doors do not have an air or weather-strip on the bottom, install one. These are inexpensive and easy to put on.

  4. Seal water heater, furnace and exhaust fans. Siding needs to be in excellent condition. Replace any siding that may have damage. Check shingles on roof. You will need a ladder for this. Replace any if necessary. You can also apply a clear coat to the roof for extra protection from winter wear and tear.

  5. Clean rain gutters. Remove all debris that may be blocking gutters from draining properly. This will also save your roof early water damage issues.

  6. Tip

    Manufactured home tie-downs need to be looser in the cold weather than in the warm. If you are in a snowy area, shovel snow away from bottom of the manufactured home.


    Wear gloves and be careful when handling insulation.