How to Make a Garage for Matchbox Cars

Playing with Matchbox cars is a favorite activity among young boys. What better way to play with the cars than by parking them in the garage? Kids can drive cars around the garage or into it and so much more. There is no end to the fun boys have when they have a garage for their Matchbox cars.

Make a Garage for Matchbox Cars

Buying one can be a bit expensive so why not make one?

  1. Look for a sturdy box about 12 x 8 but know that any size will do. It all depends on how big you want your garage. A shoe box will do just fine. You do not need the cover because your garage for your matchbox cars should be open on top. This will allow the child to push the car into the garage and go in and move it from the inside.

  2. Take a regular kitchen serrated knife. Saw into the box the shape of two garage doors. Leave it connected to the box so that these can act as pretend garage doors.

  3. Make windows into the back of the garage. Make the windows able to close buy choosing to cut them into the shape of an upper case letter “I”. You can choose to leave them permanently open by cutting off the window doors. It would be better to just tape them to the outside wall of the garage so if the boy chooses he can use them to close the windows.

  4. Make a divider for the inside of the garage. This will make the garage have two separate stalls which is great when more than one child is playing with it.

  5. Cut a door into both sides of the garage. These doors will serve as an entry point for the Matchbox cars.

  6. Tip

    Allow your child to give suggestions when making the garage for his Matchbox cars. Paint the outside to make your garage look real nice. Choose to use wood instead of cardboard for the garage.