How to Replace a Rainbird Sprinkler Head

After several seasons, Rainbird sprinklers will require some maintenance. Most Rainbird sprinklers come with an arm guide or sprayer guide called a PJ. The PJ and other parts are welded together. That makes it difficult to replace small parts. The most common replacement in the sprinkler system is the head.

In fact, the pop-up sprinkler is one that is more likely to stick up out of the ground and refuse to go back down when the water is off. Learn how to deal with this nuisance. Easily replace the sprinkler head without too much difficulty.

  1. Turn off the water line.

  2. Dig out the gravel and dirt surrounding the sprinkler. Use a small, garden spade to carefully remove dirt. Be mindful of the water pipe. Place two boards inside the opening of dirt. Position the boards to prevent dirt from falling on the sprinkler.

  3. Unscrew the sprinkler. The boards you have positioned will prevent dirt from caving in the sprinkler pipe. Purchase another sprinkler head. You can look for the model number on the sprinkler if you don’t have the original package from RainBird. See Resources section of this article for ordering information. Screw the new sprinkler back into the pipe. Twist the sprinkler by hand only. Do not use tools to tighten.

  4. Test your sprinkler and remove dirt. Turn on the water line. At about 30 seconds to a minute, turn the water line off.

  5. Align the aim of the sprinkler by hand, carefully positioning the sprayer’s aim at the mid area of the grass lawn. If your sprinkler comes with a PJ arm guide (a little arm that guides the sprayer), be careful not to break it when you turn your sprinkler by hand. Replace the dirt and gravel around the sprinkler. Turn the water line back on.

  6. Warning

    Keep children away when you are doing this project. Any distractions can cause mistakes.