How to Replace the Valve Seal on My Hoover Steam Vac

Cameron Easey

When water begins to leak from your Hoover Steam Vac you may have a bad valve seal. A bad valve seal can be replaced with a new part to fix the problem. Replacing the valve seal will require you to find the location of the valve on the Steam Vac.

You can replace the valve seal on your Hoover Steam Vac by first obtaining a replacement valve for your specific model of cleaner.


Applying too much force when removing the solution tank and recovery tank can damage the plastic connections.

  1. Unplug the power cord for the Steam Vac from the wall outlet.

  2. Disconnect and remove the solution tank and recovery tank from the Steam Vac. Pull up on the tanks to release the plastic snap connectors and then take out the tanks.

  3. Pull up on the top part of the nozzle and then take it off of the machine. This will expose the valve seal that is located under the tanks.

  4. Separate the rubber stopper or valve seal from the plastic valve. Set the old valve seal aside and then insert a new seal into the Steam Vac.

  5. Insert the plastic valve back into the rubber stopper or valve seal.

  6. Pull back on the Steam Vac to lift the front of the machine up off of the floor. Insert the nozzle back into place and press down to secure it to the cleaner.

  7. Set the solution tank and recovery tank back into place on the cleaner. Plug the Steam Vac back into the electrical outlet and then turn it on to see if the leak has been fixed.