How to Shut Off Alarms

There’s no smoke; there’s no fire. So why is the smoke alarm still beeping? Nobody is in the kitchen or doing anything else that might be triggering any of the detectors throughout the home. Is there anything at all that can be done to make this maddening sound stop?

Read on for some easy ways to deal with alarms in your home.

  1. Replace the batteries in all the units in your home. Very often the reason for even intermittent beeping is a simple 9-volt battery that has run out of juice. Ideally, you should change the batteries regularly, before they completely fail.

  2. Clean the alarms. It’s quite possible that the sensors are dirty and simply mistaking the dust and dirt within for smoke, or there may even be a tiny mosquito or other flying bug that has gotten into the works and is causing havoc with your system.

  3. Turn the power to the alarms off at the main circuit breaker. It’s possible that there’s simply a bad relay somewhere that is the source of the confusion. Open the windows to your home to make sure that everything is completely aired out, and then restore power.

  4. Replace your smoke detectors with new ones. Their time may have simply come and gone.

  5. Call your local fire department. If you can’t figure it out, perhaps they can. After all, they have far more experience dealing with these alarms than the average person.

  6. Tip

    Pick the same day each year to change the batteries in your smoke detectors.


    Do not turn your smoke alarms off and leave them off. These alarms are there for a reason.