About Electric Fireplaces

An electric fireplace can be a welcome alternative to a traditional fireplace or electric heater. Electric fireplaces can be used in a variety of home settings for both warmth and ambiance. Several features are available to make an electric fireplace convenient to use.

About Electric Fireplaces


An electric fireplace can be a wise addition to any house. Electric fireplaces are now available both online and in retail stores, and can be an affordable, low-maintenance, and environmentally friendly alternative to a traditional fireplace. Electric fireplaces can complement any decorative scheme in apartments, condos, trailers and other homes that would not be able to accommodate a traditional fireplace, as they require no permanent construction.


Most electric fireplaces are portable. Depending on the size and model purchased, an electric fireplace can be moved from room to room, and can even be used outside. If used sparingly, electric fireplaces can be an alternative heat source to a traditional electric heater without any additional cost. Some electric fireplaces also have a no-heat setting, allowing the look and ambiance of a fire without the heat emission during warmer weather.


Different types of electric fireplaces are available. Some electric fireplaces stand alone and have the same design as a wood burning stove or an older model electric heater. Electric fireplaces are available with accessories that duplicate the exact look of a traditional fireplace, including a mantel and walls. Other electric fireplaces are designed as logs or coals that fit inside of an already existing traditional fireplace and have a very realistic appearance.


Depending upon a budget and the space available, an electric fireplace can include as many features as a traditional fireplace. The mantels that are included with the more traditional models are available in the same materials, including marble, slate, cherry wood, oak wood, and mahogany. Protective screens are also available for electric fireplaces, as well as fire pokers. Many electric fireplace models also come with a thermostat, remotes, fans and air filters. An electric fireplace will be as expensive or elaborate as desired.


When purchasing an electric fireplace, decide in advance what its purpose in a home will be. While the cost of operating an electric fireplace is usually no more expensive than using a traditional electric heater, an electric fireplace is also no more efficient and it is best not to expect it to be a main source of heat. If the electric fireplace will have the same look and feel as a traditional fireplace and be used in the same manner, remember that it will probably not increase the value of a home. It can also increase the cost of electric bills.


Although electric fireplaces do eliminate the fire hazards associated with traditional fireplaces, there are still the same risks involved as with any electric device. Before purchasing an electric fireplace, be sure to consult with an electrician to be certain that the electric outlets that will be used have the ability to put forth required power necessary to avoid blowing a fuse. Always keep flammable objects a safe distance away from an electric fireplace, and do not leave it unattended. Make certain to follow any additional instructions included with an electric fireplace carefully.