How to Repair Screen Doors

Repairing the screen door is one of those things that usually gets put off until flies and mosquitoes start invading indoors. Don't put it off anymore, there's nothing on a screen door that a do-it-yourselfer can't fix.

Repair Screen Doors

Anything you need to fix the door can be found at the local hardware or home improvement store and it won't take but an hour away from your weekend.

  1. Take the door off and lay it on a flat surface.Take the old screen out of the door. Use a flathead screwdriver to get the end of the spline out of groove and pull it out all the way around.

  2. Cut the new screen 2 inches larger than the opening. Lay the screen centered over the opening and press it into the groove with the convex end of the installation tool. Make sure you hold the screen in place while you're working it into the groove so it stays straight and tight.

  3. Starting at one corner, set the new spline at the groove. Using the concave end of the installation tool, press the spline in the groove. When you get to the last couple inches cut the spline with a pair of scissors and finish installing. Use a utility knife to trim off the excess screen right on the outside of the spline.

  4. Take out old rollers. Gently pry the old roller assembly from the bottom of the door with a flathead screwdriver. Some doors have a spring clip that must be released. Insert the new roller assembly into the bottom of the door. Set the clips that hold the roller in place.

  5. Take off the old door handle on a sliding screen door with a screwdriver. This is just a piece of plastic with a recess in it to grab onto. Replace with a new one using the same screws.