How to Hang a Mirror on a Hollow Door

Elizabeth Arnold

Hanging objects on a hollow door can be a hassle, but it can be done. By using a specialized toggle bolt that is made for hanging objects on hollow walls, you will be able to complete this task with minimal effort. These toggle bolts are placed in the wall through a hole that is usually predrilled.

Hang a Mirror on a Hollow Door

It has spring-activated arms that will open up when placed inside the hollow wall and, when the bolt is tightened, the arms catch the back of the wall. Once tightened, a screw is placed into the center of the toggle bolt and screwed so that enough will hang out from the wall to hang a object on.

  1. Hold the mirror up to your hollow door to figure out where the mirror will be placed. Ensure that it is the correct height and that it will be straight. Marking a very light line with a pencil at the edges of the mirror will help with measuring the placement of the holes.

  2. Measure from the light pencil marks on the door to where the hole or holes will be needed to hang themirror. Again, mark the door with light pencil marks where the holes will be located.

  3. Drill holes where the marks are indicated. The holes need to be big enough to fit a toggle bolt through. Do not drill through the entire door. The reason for drilling the hole first is so the hollow door will not crack.

  4. Place the toggle bolt through the hole and tighten with a screwdriver. When the screw is tightened, the back of the toggle bolt will catch the inside of the door.

  5. Hang the mirror on the door.