How to Bend PEX Tubing

Josh Nuttall

PEX pipe is a semi-flexible water-supply pipe that is useful for many applications. From general plumbing to radiant heat floors, PEX is a go-anywhere plumbing solution. Bending PEX tubing is a snap, but you have to remember to strap the tubing into place so the bends will stay where they need to.

PEX Tubing

You can also use PEX hangers to accomplish this.

  1. Run a length of PEX tubing along your intended path. Allow sufficient slack in the tubing to create a 12-inch S-curve or a 12-inch diameter loop in the tubing.

  2. Place a PEX strap or a PEX hanger over the PEX tubing while allowing the tubing to move (because the tubing will expand and contract depending on temperature variations). Then create either an S-curve or a loop in the tubing with the slack that was left in the tubing and hold the S-curve or loop in place with another PEX strap or PEX hanger.

  3. Continue running the tubing to its intended termination points and install fittings as necessary.