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What Is an Ammeter Used For?

Jennie Fancher
Table of Contents

Ammeters are used to check electric currents in circuits. They measure electricity and can tell you whether a circuit is working properly or not and whether it is using the proper voltage.


Ammeters are tools that are designed to measure how many amperes a circuit is using.

House Circuitry

Ammeters are used to check wiring when surges appear to be happening frequently, especially in older homes where older wiring could be faulty. They can also locate which circuits are having trouble.

Home Inspections

Home inspectors use ammeters to make sure that a home's circuitry is up to code.


Most factories that produce electronic games and devices use ammeters to check their items' circuitry as one of the last phases before shipment.

Types of Ammeters

There are different types of ammeters. Some ammeters measure direct current, and some measure alternating current. There are magnetic, analog and digital ammeters, but all serve a similar purpose: measuring electric current for a given circuit.

Using an Ammeter

Electrical currents can be dangerous to work with, and an ammeter is a tool that should be used by a professional electrician or an experienced tradesman.