How to Take a Box Spring Apart

Kimberly Ripley

Box springs provide the base for our beds. Without them, we wouldn't get the complete comfort and stability our mattresses are designed to provide. Moving a box spring can be difficult, especially when navigating the narrow stairways often found in older homes. When this occurs, don't despair.

Once taken apart and folded, your box spring will look like this, and will slide up stairways and through doorways.

Although some folks have actually given up their box springs when moving into apartments or homes with difficult stairways, this is entirely unnecessary. By taking a few simple steps and using some basic tools, you can effectively take your box spring apart to prepare for such a move.

  1. Measure the box spring from right to left and find the exact middle point. Mark this lightly with a pencil or fabric marker on the dust cloth.

  2. Cut the dust cloth on the box spring straight across this marked line, using a razor knife or box cutter.

  3. Cut the box spring fabric up the entire side of the box spring, using the razor knife or box cutter. You may mark the line first if you wish, but it needn't be in an exact location; simply on the side.

  4. Repeat this process on the opposite side of the box spring.

  5. Use your saw to cut the wood framing braces along the same line where you cut the dust cloth. Repeat this step along the sides, cutting into the wood frame. Be careful not to cut the steel rod that runs alongside the frame.

  6. Tip the box spring onto its side and begin the folding process. Place the soft side against a door frame or solid and sturdy surface. Have someone stand on either side of the box spring, and firmly folding together, much like closing the pages of a book.

  7. This will allow the box spring to fit up most any staircase.