How to Build a Box Around a Metal Bed Frame

Erin Ringwald

When you purchase a mattress and box spring at a local mattress or furniture store, they usually give you a metal bed frame to support it. Although metal frames are effective, they lack in style.

How to Build a Box Around a Metal Bed Frame

Instead of covering an unattractive metal bed frame with a bed skirt, create a wooden box to sit around the bed frame to give it a platform bed look. Making your own box for your bed frame is inexpensive and simple enough to construct in a weekend.


If desired, fill the nail holes with wood putty before painting or staining. The measurements used in this example are based on a standard full-sized bed and 7-inch tall metal bed frame. Adjust your measurements accordingly.

  1. Set up the metal bed frame and place your box spring on top of it. Measure the height from the floor to the top of the box spring. Measure the length and width of the bed frame. Record your measurements. In this example, the bed is a standard full bed and a 7-inch tall metal bed frame. The height would be 16 inches, the width 54 inches and the length 75 inches.

  2. Cut two boards measuring 56-by-14-by-2 inches and two boards measuring 77-by-14-by-2 inches using a circular saw. Alternatively, have the wood cut at your local hardware store when you purchase it. Sand the cut edges with medium-grit sandpaper.

  3. Stain or paint the wood as desired. Let the stain or paint dry overnight.

  4. Place the four boards in a rectangle shape utilizing a second person to help you achieve the shape. Stand the boards on their 2-inch sides. Place the 56-inch boards opposite one another and 77-inch boards opposite one another. Rest the 56-inch boards against the flat side of the 77-inch boards. Secure the boards together using a nail gun and 4-inch nails. Place two nails through the side of each 77-inch board into the flat ends of the 56-inch boards.

  5. Place the wood box over the bed frame and box spring, resting the box on the floor. Place your mattress on top of the box spring and make your bed as usual.