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How to Remove Drawers in Scandinavian Furniture

Owen E. Richason IV

Scandinavian furniture comes from the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Denmark and Sweden. It can be made of different types of wood and is generally unique to the designer. Like any other types of furniture, Scandinavian furniture is typically equipped with guide rails or slides that are comprised of metal or wood. These furniture railing systems allow the owner to open a drawer and insert belongings. If you want to remove a drawer from your Scandinavian furniture, you can do so without tools.

Step 1

Open the drawer to its fullest extent and remove the contents. This will prevent your belongings from falling onto the floor or into the drawer recess where the box is currently inserted.

Step 2

Look on the outer edge of either side of the drawer for the guide rails or slides to determine which assembly is installed in your furniture.

Step 3

Find the protruding "tabs" on each side of the drawer box, preventing the drawer from coming out of the recess. These may be in the front or in the back of the drawer box. On some Scandinavian furniture, you'll find no tabs.

Step 4

Push the drawer in slightly. Press on the tabs with your thumbs or fingers; then lift the front of the drawer up and out of the recess, pulling it out freely.