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Distilled Water vs Spring Water

Tracy Deluca
Table of Contents

Both distilled water and spring water are available to purchase in any grocery store. They can be used as drinking water and are, in general, as safe as any other water. There are benefits to both types of water and also warnings for both.

Distilled Water vs Spring Water


Distilled water is heated until it turns to steam and then is gathered again as water when it condenses. This removes any impurities and all minerals. Spring water comes from an underground source and is filtered over rocks as it comes to the surface. No further purification is used and the water is full of minerals.


Distilled water is marked as distilled and is usually sold in gallons. Spring water may be marked as spring water or mountain spring water.


Spring water is used as drinking water by many people. The minerals in this water make it taste good and it is viewed as being pure and natural. Distilled water is usually flat in taste and is usually used for any job that requires water without minerals or contaminants of any kind. Some uses include experiments, steam irons and car batteries.


Distilled water is extremely pure and has no contaminants of any kind. Some people choose to drink it for this reason. Spring water has many beneficial minerals and tastes much better than distilled water or even most tap waters.


There are concerns that distilled water, due to the lack of minerals in it, may leach minerals from the human body when drunk in large amounts. There are also concerns that spring water may contain contaminants that are harmful. While spring water bottlers do test for some contaminants, they do not test for all of them.