How to Service a Kinetico Water Softener

Sommer Leigh

A Kinetico water softener contains sodium ion resin beads. Hard water passes through the beads, and the beads retain the minerals such as calcium and magnesium, releasing soft water. The resin bed becomes loaded with minerals and must cleanse or regenerate the beads to continue providing soft water.

The salt in the tank along with the water washes the beads. Servicing the softener to keep it performing at its best means occasionally changing the filter, called a prefilter, and regularly adding regenerant, the salt used in water softener systems.


If the system ceases to function, call your dealer for expert service. For routine maintenance, you can service the softener. Change the filter and add regenerant based on the schedule recommended by the dealer. A reduction in water pressure usually indicates it's time to change the prefilter.


Do not use rock salt as a regenerant.

Never allow regenerant to run out. Use only salt for use in water softeners.

Changing the Filter

  1. Shut off any water supply valves connected to the prefilter. The configuration may vary based on the specific model.

  2. Place a bucket under the prefilter to catch draining water.

  3. Push in the red button on the top of the filter compartment to pressurize the softener.

  4. Twist the filter compartment cover clockwise to unscrew it.

  5. Lift out the filter. Place the new filter inside the compartment.

  6. Twist the compartment cover tightly into place.

Adding Regenerant

  1. Lift the lid off the brine tank. Check the salt level. If you see water, add salt, but anytime the salt supply is diminished substantially you can add salt.

  2. Pour one bag or more of salt into the tank. Add only as much as necessary to fill the tank.

  3. Regenerate the tank manually if the tank is empty. Turn the bypass lever to "OFF" to depressurize the system. Turn on a soft water faucet anywhere in your home. Wait until the pressure clears. Push on the softener valve screw with a Phillips screwdriver. Turn it clockwise until it's turned to the "Brine" position. Turn the bypass valve back to the "Service" position. The system should start to regenerate.