How to Clean a WaterBoss Brine Tank

Sebastian Malysa

Water hardness consists of calcium and magnesium content in water. Water softeners such as WaterBoss removes minerals through a process called ion exchange. The resin in your WaterBoss acts like a magnet to attract the hard elements in water. Salt is then used to clean the resin and gets stored in the brine tank.

Clean your WaterBoss brine tank and continue to enjoy the benefits of softened water.

To keep your WaterBoss functioning efficiently, it's necessary to clean out the brine tank and replace the salt once every year. Cleaning your WaterBoss brine tank is an easy process that takes only a few minutes.


Clean your WaterBoss brine tank during a time that the brine tank is low. Open the brine tank and check the water and salt level. If it's too high, limit the use of water in your house to emergencies only for a couple of hours and check back.

  1. Turn your WaterBoss control to bypass mode or disconnect it from its electrical source.

  2. Remove the brine tank lid and break up any hardened salt at the bottom of the tank with a stirring stick. Be gentle when breaking up hardened salt, you don't want to puncture or crack your brine tank.

  3. Remove the water and salt mixture at the bottom of your brine tank with a shop vacuum. Scrub the brine tank walls and brine intake with a small brush and water. Sponge the brine tank dry using either a towel or cleaning rags.

  4. Flush the brine tank with water and refill it with new salt or salt substitute as recommended for your particular WaterBoss model.