How to Use a Workmate

Emma Lee

A Workmate is used as an extra pair of hands for the handyman's work area. The Workmate is designed to support several hundred pounds. It is a portable work bench that can be folded to save space and can be moved easily. The legs and frame are constructed of steel with a sturdy wooden bench top.


It can be used for parallel and vertical clamping as well as a sawhorse. The workbench is a handy accessory for the person that enjoys doing home projects.

    Gluing boards
  1. Boards can be glued together and secured to allow maximum pressure while drying.

  2. Grip swivels
  3. Odd-shaped objects can be held using the grip swivels and holes in the top of bench.

  4. Horizontal groove
  5. Horizontal grooves are designed to grip pipes while cutting.

  6. Ruler
  7. A ruler is marked permanently along the side for convenience.

  8. Notches
  9. Notches allow the top to move to accommodate different size boards.