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How to Make a Lamp Out of a Trumpet

Melanie L. Marten

Lovers of music can turn their old trumpet into a unique lamp for home decor. With some basic hardware, you can transform a trumpet standing on its bell into a source of light and style.

Turn a trumpet into a truly unique lamp.
  1. Clean an old trumpet inside and out to remove any dust or dried spit from when it was played. Remove the mouthpiece and run the lamp hardware cord down through the top of the trumpet's pipe to the bell at the base. Use adhesive or epoxy to affix the threaded light bulb holder to the top of the trumpet where the mouthpiece used to be.

  2. Cut a piece of wood larger than the bell of the trumpet to form a base. Any shape can be used, as long as it is wide enough to support the trumpet lamp and prevent tipping. Use a router to make a fancy curved or carved-looking edge and sand the edges. Drill a hole near the center of the base piece large enough for the wire to pass through. Paint or stain the wooden base to match your home decor style. Cut a 5-inch length of wooden dowel or curtain rod and screw it into the center of the wood base so it stands straight up. This will help support the trumpet lamp.

  3. Use a router or carving tool to create a groove in the bottom of the wooden piece for the wire to rest in. Cut a piece of fabric like felt large enough to cover most of the bottom of the trumpet lamp base. Use craft glue or a hot glue gun to attach it to the wood, holding the wire safely in the carved groove. This will cover the screw's head sufficiently enough to prevent scratches to furniture.

  4. Wire the plug that came with the lamp hardware. Split the bottom of the wire coming out of the base of the trumpet lamp and strip approximately 1/2 inch of the insulation off the wires. Follow plug manufacturer's directions to attach loops of the correct wires to the screws inside the plug housing. Be sure to use the ground wire if provided for a three-prong plug. Cut off excess wire length and close the plug back up.

  5. Settle the trumpet over the vertical dowel on the wooden base, pulling gently on the cord from the bottom of the lamp. Use some adhesive around the inner base to attach the trumpet securely.

  6. Attach the lamp shade mounting bracket to the base of the threaded light bulb socket. This in turn attaches to a lamp harp which is usually made from brass. Settle your chosen lamp shade onto the top of the harp and screw on the finial at the top.

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