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How to Make Plastic Flower Pot Lights

Ronnie Daniels

Plastic flower pots can be made into porch or yard lights with a little ingenuity and some simple tools. This project covers two types of flower pot lights which are a little "outside the box" in their design. The first one is a solar-powered plastic flower pot walkway light. The second is a plastic flower pot hanging light using colored marbles to create a nice effect.

Flower pot walkway lights

  1. Use a utility knife to cut out the center of the flower pot bottom.

  2. Position the flower pot beside the walkway or beside your porch steps.

  3. Drive a solar-powered tulip light into the ground in the center of the pot.

  4. Pour river pebbles around the tulip light's stem to give the pot weight.

  5. Top off the pot with decorative moss or pine straw. Now it will glow every night to light your walkway.

Hanging flower pot light

  1. Use a utility knife to cut a hole in the center of the pot bottom for the lamp cord.

  2. Use a hot glue gun to fasten colored marbles in a decorative pattern around the outside of the flower pot. Alternating shapes and colors will enhance the effect of the light streaming through the marbles.

  3. Run the power cord through the hole on top of the plastic flower pot and through the large washer that came with the lamp kit. Pull the brass outer cover and the circular bottom off of the light fixture. Push the power cord up through the small hole in the fixture's base.

  4. Pull the ends of the power cord apart and use the wire stripper to remove about 1/2 inch of insulation from each wire. Wrap the end of one wire around the screw on one side of the fixture. Use the screwdriver to tighten the screw down. Attach the other wire to the screw on the other side.

  5. Replace the cover of the fixture by pushing the base up onto the fixture and sliding the cover down into the base. This will cover the wires and leave the switch sticking out to turn on the lamp. Screw in a fluorescent bulb and pull the flower pot light shade down over the light. Now it's ready to hang wherever you like.