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How to Install Lighting in a Headboard

Jason Brick

Adding a light fixture to your headboard can eliminate the need for nightstands, clearing up some floor space and eliminating a flat surface that can accumulate unsightly junk. With the right kind of lamps, you can complete this project with no wiring work, making it a job suitable even for beginning woodworkers.

  1. Set the lamp in position on your headboard. Lightly trace the base onto the wood of your headboard, using a pencil.

  2. Remove the base. Measure the distance of the power cord from the sides of the base, using a ruler. Locate and mark that position on the outline you drew on the headboard.

  3. Drill a 1 1/2-inch-diameter hole at the point you marked. This will be big enough to accommodate the power cord. If you don't have an auger bit, drill multiple, overlapping holes with the largest drill bit you have.

  4. Set the lamp in place, passing the power cord through the hole you've drilled. Mount the lamp to your headboard, using the wall-mount instructions that came with it. Usually this means attaching it via the screws that come with the lamp, using a screwdriver or a drill and screwdriver bits.

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