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How to Attach a Headboard

Nat Fondell

Installing a new headboard in a bedroom is a great way to completely change the look of a room, as changing the headboard can often make it appear as if you have a completely new bed.

Adding a new headboard can really change the look of a room.


You need a frame to mount some headboards to the wall, rather than screwing into the wood. This frame should be included with a new headboard purchase. For beds with metal frames or headboards, use nuts and bolts to securely fasten the headboard to the frame. You can attach metal frames to the wall using washers on the end of the wood screws.

Attaching a headboard may sometimes involve mounting it directly to the bed frame using screws for wood and bolts for metal, but you can also mount headboards to the wall in some situations such as extremely tall headboards or decorative headboards.

Attaching to the Bed Frame

  1. Line up the headboard with the bed frame so that the headboard is centered. Place the carpenter's level on top of the headboard to ensure that it is level.

  2. Pre-drill holes through the back of the headboard and the bed frame, using a drill bit that is slightly smaller in diameter than the wood screws. Evenly space holes in each corner of the bed frame and along the sides so that the headboard will be firmly attached.

  3. Attach the headboard to the frame using wood screws that penetrate through the headboard and at least halfway into the wood of the bed frame. Tighten each screw only halfway until all the screws have been installed, then tighten them all fully to ensure even spacing.

Attaching the Headboard to the Wall

  1. Use a stud finder to locate the studs in the wall, marking them with pencil for future reference. Place the headboard against the wall and determine the best location for the attachment, making sure the screws will hit the studs. Set the carpenter's level on top of the headboard to make sure that it is level before drilling your holes.

  2. Pre-drill the holes in the headboard, using a drill bit that is slightly smaller in diameter than the wood screws. Drill holes in the section of the headboard that will not be visible only. Place the holes in all four corners of this section, as well as along the sides, wherever studs are available. Make sure your holes hit the stud wood each time.

  3. Screw the wood screws into the wall, tightening all the screws halfway until all the screws have been installed before tightening them all completely. This ensures an equal spacing.