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How to Build a Headboard From a Foam Insulation Board

Kimberly Johnson

Headboards provide a finishing touch to a bed and serve as part of the bedroom’s decorating scheme. However, buying a new headboard is costly and locating one to fit your bed frame may be challenging. Instead, create your own headboard using large sheets of foam insulation board.

Make inexpensive headboards out of foam insulation.

Once covered in fabric, these light-weight boards mount to the wall and look identical to store-bought padded headboards. Choose fabric colors that complement your bedding or paint color in the bedroom.

  1. Lay a piece of foam insulation board on a table or on the floor and use a tape measure and a pencil to mark the dimensions for your headboard. For a single bed, use a headboard width of 39 inches; for a double bed use 54 inches; for a queen bed use 60 inches and for a king bed use 76 inches. The height of the headboard can be any length that you desire.

  2. Lay a piece of fabric on the table or floor so it is face down. The fabric size must be the width and length of your head board plus an additional four inches to allow for wrapping it around the board.

  3. Lay a piece of batting on top of the fabric making it an identical size to the fabric. Lay the foam insulation board in the center of the batting.

  4. Fold the top section of fabric and batting down over the back of the insulation board and secure it in place with staples placed every two to three inches. Repeat the process on the remaining three sides of the insulation board until the fabric is completely secure.

  5. Place a stud finder on the wall behind the bed and slide it sideways until a light appears, which indicates a wall stud. Mark it with a pencil and locate another stud.

  6. Insert a 1/4-inch drill bit into a power drill and create a single one-inch deep hole in each stud. Insert a screw into each hole and tighten them until only 1/4 inch of the heads remain extended.

  7. Measure the distance between the two wall screws and mark two identically-spaced locations on the back of the insulation board.

  8. Place a keyhole mount over each hole and secure it using screws. Do not overtighten the screws otherwise you will strip the foam board holes. If desired, you may also glue the mounts into place, since foam board in not heavy.

  9. Wait until the glue dries, if applicable. Then hang the mounts over the wall screws.


Instead of one large headboard, consider cutting the foam insulation board into squares and wrapping each one in fabric. Install the squares close together on the wall to create a segmented headboard.