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How Tall Should a Buffet Lamp Be?

Sherry Mitchell

Buffet lamps can be found in a variety of sizes, with the average height ranging between 28 and 32 inches tall. Fewer people actually have dining room buffets any more, and the lamps are used throughout the home.

Average Height For Buffet Lamps

This standard height is most popular because it is proportionate and accommodates many modern tables and desks.

Consider Smaller Spaces

If you are looking for a buffet lamp to put on a smaller table such as a nightstand, or in a bathroom, you may want to shop for a little smaller lamp. Buffet lamps ranging in height from 16 to 28 inches will look more to scale in these settings.

Bottom Line

The best technique to choosing the perfect buffet lamp for your home really comes down to personal preference. You do not want to overwhelm a smaller space with a much larger lamp, but you should not pass on something you like if it fits your space. Like the rest of your home, your lighting choices reflect your personal style.