What is the Difference in Height of Patio Chairs?

Patio chairs range in height from lounge chairs, at the lowest end of the height spectrum, to bar chairs, at the tallest end of the height spectrum.


Patio chairs come in a range of seat heights.Patio chairs come in a range of seat heights.
All except lounge chairs are designed for you to sit comfortably at a table of a coordinated height and size.

There are four main types of patio chairs based on their height. These are lounge chairs, dining-height chairs, counter-height chairs and bar-height chairs.

Lounge Patio Chair

A lounge patio chair sits closest to the ground and is used for sunbathing or reading. You can purchase an accent table to coordinate with a lounge chair, but there is no standard height for either the chair or the table.

Dining Height Patio Chair

The seat of a patio dining-height chair measures approximately 18 inches high and coordinates with a regular height dining table measuring 28 to 30 inches high.

Counter Height Patio Chair

The seat of a counter-height chair measures around 24 to 26 inches high and coordinates with a counter or counter-height table measuring 36 inches high.

Bar Height Patio Chair

The seat of a bar-height chair measures around 30 to 31 inches high and is coordinates with a bar or bar table measuring 42 inches high. These chairs are also referred to as bistro or pub-height chairs.

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