Pub Table Height Vs. Chair Height

Amy Swanton Mills

Pub tables, also called bar tables, measure around 42 inches tall. When selecting a chair to coordinate with a pub table, the seat height of the chair should measure 10 to 12 inches less than the height of the tabletop.

Pub tables are also called bar tables.


A pub table may be any width or length but measures around 42 inches tall. A chair with a seat measuring between 28 and 30 inches will fit well with this size table.


Pub tables come in different shapes, such as square, round or rectangular. Common materials for pub tables and chairs include wood and metal.


Some tables have an apron, which is an overhang extending downward from the edge of the tabletop. Make sure if you select armchairs that the arms slide underneath the table.


Counter height tables and chairs measure 6 inches less than pub height tables and chairs. This difference is not easily discernible without measuring. Always measure to check what height your table or chair is, as pub and counter height tables and chairs cannot be used together.


Pub tables are also comfortable to stand at. If you or your guests will only be using a pub table for setting drinks on, you might not require the use of the chair.