How to Raise Tables With PVC Pipe

Karren Doll Tolliver

Raising the level of a table has many benefits. Perhaps you are using the table as a display counter at a trade fair or maybe you work at a table while standing up so you need the table higher. Fortunately, a very inexpensive and simple way is available to extend the existing table legs using PVC pipe.

Use PVC pipe to make table leg extenders.

In addition, the table leg extenders are portable and don’t take up much space.


Use a tablecloth long enough to cover the area from the tabletop to the floor to hide the extenders and make a more finished appearance.

  1. Turn the table on its side and measure the diameter of the table legs. Now measure the length of the legs from the bottom up to the point where the legs bend, widen or meet the table platform or another leg strut. This point will vary depending on the design of the particular table you own.

  2. Decide how many inches you want to raise the table. Add this number to the length measurement in Step 1. The total is the length of one of the table leg extenders.

  3. Purchase PVC pipe that is slightly larger in diameter than the table legs. Multiply the length in Step 2 by four and buy that much PVC pipe.

  4. Mark off four lengths on the PVC pipe with a permanent marker. Cut the PVC pipe at each mark into four equal lengths with a hacksaw. Make the cuts so that the bottoms and tops of each piece are completely level. Hardware and home improvement centers can cut PVC pipe to length for you if you do not want to do it yourself. Take your measurements with you to the store.

  5. Set the table upright in the location where you will use it. Lift each corner in turn and slide one piece of PVC pipe onto the bottom of the each table leg. The point where the table legs bend, widen or meet the table itself should prevent the PVC pipe from sliding any farther up the leg. Each extender will extend past the bottom of each table leg. When you set the corner of the table back onto the floor, the table will be raised.