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How High to Hang a Chandelier in a Foyer

Heather Vecchioni

Hanging a chandelier in a foyer can be a tricky task. You must not hang the chandelier too low, or else it can hit the heads of people who pass by. If the chandelier is hung too high, you won’t be able to fully see its design. Choosing where to place the chandelier takes precision and careful consideration.

Chandeliers should hang at least 7 feet off the floor.

Follow a few simple guidelines to help you determine the proper height to hang a chandelier in a foyer.

  1. Hold the end of a measuring tape against the floor. Pull the tape out upward until you reach 7 feet. Do not allow the lowest point of your chandelier to go below that spot — chandeliers should not reach lower than 7 feet above the ground to provide adequate head clearance. If you have high ceilings — taller than 10 feet — you should not go lower than 7 feet, 6 inches to balance the space below and above the fixture. Allow at least 2 feet between the ceiling and the top of the chandelier.

  2. Hang your chandelier in the same manner as described in Step 1 if you're hanging it in a two-story foyer in which the second story overlooks the first. However, do not allow the chandelier to hang past the second story.

  3. Purchase a chandelier that appropriately fits your foyer. A good rule of thumb is to hang a chandelier that is 2-½ to 3 inches high per each foot the room is tall. For instance, if the foyer is 10 feet tall, you would hang a chandelier that is 25 to 30 inches tall. A chandelier of this size will look more balanced in the room than one that is shorter or taller.