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How to Install Eye Bolts

Russell Wood

Adding lights or plants to a ceiling can add a nice effect to a room. To do that, you have to add an eye bolt to the ceiling and hang the chain from there. When done correctly, this job should take under 10 minutes to do.

  1. Locate a drill bit that is smaller than the eye bolt body. To do this, hold up the eye bolt and hold each drill bit in front of the threads. The bit should be as large as the body of the eye bolt, but you should still be able to see the threads around the outside of the drill bit. If you doubt the size is correct, use one smaller.

  2. Locate a stud in the ceiling using the stud finder. Once you've found one that's in the approximate place you want to hang the lamp or plant, mark it with a pencil.

  3. Insert the drill bit into the drill, and drill the mark. You want to drill in as deep as the bolt itself, not farther, but you can approximate this if need be.

  4. Place the eye bolt in the hole and start to twist it in place with your hand.

  5. Insert the screwdriver into the eye of the bolt and turn it until the only thing that's visible in the ceiling is the eyelet of the bolt.