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How to Turn Traverse Drape Hardware Into a Baton Draw System

Sandra Rousseau

If you currently have drapes that are hung on a traverse rod system, you may be able to convert the traverse rod's cords and pulleys to something more simple. A baton draw system, also called a drapery wand or drapery puller system, is simply a wand that you use as a handle to draw the drapes open and closed along the traverse track. Depending upon how your traverse rod is designed, you may be able to remove the cords and pulleys and attach a drapery baton instead.

You may be able to convert your traverse drapery system to a baton draw system.
  1. Remove the traverse rod system from the wall. If possible, leave the draperies hooked onto the rod. If you do need to remove the draperies, slide the drapery hooks out of the rod's plastic "eyes," leaving the hooks in place on the draperies. This will make rehanging the drapes easier when the time comes.

  2. Remove the pulleys and cords from the rod. You may need to use a screwdriver for this. If the pulleys and cords do not easily screw off, you can cut the cords off and leave the pulleys and other hardware in place. They will not be visible once the draperies are rehung.

  3. Reinstall the drapery rod on the wall.

  4. Hang the curtains back on the rod, if they were removed. With the drapery hooks still attached to the curtains, slide the drapery hooks, in order and one at a time, into the plastic eyes on the rod. When you are finished, there should be one hook in every eye.

  5. Hang the drapery batons. You can do this by sliding the hook on the top end of the drapery baton into the first or last plastic eye on the rod for each panel, depending upon which end you'd like to use to open and close the drapes.

  6. Hold the drapery baton and use it to pull your drapes open and closed along the track.