How to Close Curtains

Heather Lindsay

How you close curtains depends on the style and design of your window treatment. Curtains are usually closed to control the amount of light or air entering or leaving a room.

In cold environments, they can provide extra insulation by preventing heat from escaping the room, and in warm environments allow breezes to enter while blocking hot sunlight. Curtains can be held open by cloth or rope tie-backs, usually held in place by a hook. They may also simply hang in place at either end of the curtain rod, with a variety of implements such as draw-pulls or cords used to pull them closed.

  1. Free the curtains from the tie-back if there is one holding them open.

  2. Grasp each curtain panel as close to the top as possible and slide them along the curtain rod until they meet in the middle. Use this method if the curtains do not have a draw-pull or cord to close them with.

  3. Pull the panels together with draw-pulls if the curtains have them. These are especially helpful if the windows are very tall, as they can move the top of the curtain along without the risk of detaching it from the curtain rod, especially if the curtains are attached to the rod with hooks. Draw-pulls are usually a long plastic stick found at the inside or center edge of each panel of the curtain.

  4. Close the curtains with a cord pull if one is available. This is attached to the hooks on the center of the curtain rod and pulls each panel closed at the top. A cord pull is usually found at the outside edge of the curtain on one side.