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How High Should Pendant Lights Hang Above a Bar?

Audrey Pannell

Pendant lights add decor to your kitchen while increasing light in the area.

Preferred Height

Pendant lights add a decorative and modern feel to a kitchen, but if hung at the wrong height, they can be an eyesore. According to Guide 4 Home, pendant lights should hang at eye level, which is about 70 inches up from the floor. A standard breakfast bar is 42 inches high, so this would place the lights 28 inches above the bar.

Personal Preference

If you prefer a more intimate feel, hang the pendant lights a little lower and use a bulb that is more dim. If you prefer to use the pendant lights to add a considerable amount of light to the room, hang them a little higher, but be careful not to hang them too high or it will appear too bright when you look up and take away from the beauty of the pendant light itself.

Bottom Line

Hang pendant lights at the suggested height of 70 inches from the floor, or 28 inches above the bar for the best visual effect. If you wish for a more intimate setting, however, hang them slightly lower, and for a brightening effect, hang them slightly higher.