How to Weatherize a Mobile Home

Anyone who has spent time in a mobile home knows that the structures aren't well-insulated. There are drafts in the winter and the heat is sweltering in the summer. Weatherizing your mobile home is an investment that will save you money on heating and cooling, as well as on repairs for frozen pipes.

  1. Start at the bottom. Make sure that the underpinning around the bottom of the mobile home is intact. This helps keep cold and hot air from underneath the trailer, and will keep animals out as well.

  2. Apply insulated foam to the pipes underneath the mobile home to prevent freezing.

  3. Install insulation underneath the mobile home to keep drafts from seeping in through the floor. This will also hold cool air in when it is hot.

  4. Place weather stripping around all doors and windows to ensure that they are sealed completely when they are closed.

  5. Use expansion foam to fill in any gaps in the walls inside and out, to seal them well.

  6. Tip

    Once you have weatherized your mobile home, you should notice a lower heating and cooling bill. You also won't have to worry about pipes freezing and bursting in the winter.


    Check all insulation and weatherizing materials each season to be sure that they are in good condition.