Do it Yourself Mold Test

Kristeen Cherney

No one wants mold in his home, as it is unhealthy and costly to get rid of. You can hire a specialist to come to your home and take samples of a suspected growth or the air for mold spores. This process is often quite costly.

Instead, an easy and more cost-effective solution is to purchase a do-it-yourself mold test kit.


Inhaling mold spores is dangerous to your health, whether you have a particular allergy to it or not. By using a do-it-yourself mold test kit, you can determine whether a particular growth in your home is, in fact, mold. Tests also can be used to see if the air in your home contains mold spores. The results, however, will not tell you the quantity of mold spores that are present. If necessary, you can send the results to a professional for further analysis, and to determine the type of mold. Do-it-yourself mold tests are relatively inexpensive, with some under $10, and can be found online or at home improvement stores. Although you may need to send the results into a lab, you save money by not having to pay for someone to come to your house and take mold samples for you.

How it Works

Mold test kits come with a type of solution made from malt extract agars or potato dextrose. Such solutions encourage mold growth. The test will come with either a sampling stick or a petri dish. Tests that have the sampling sticks are the easiest, as they contain the solution on them. Simply swipe the suspected mold. If the test comes in the form of a petri dish, swipe the growth with a cotton swab and place it inside the dish. If you are sampling the air with a petri dish, place it on a level surface with the lid off. Do-it-yourself mold tests can take up to 48 hours to show results, or longer if you decide to send it to a lab.


The Centers for Disease Control does not advocate home testing of molds on a regular basis. The CDC states that it does not matter what type of mold is growing in your home; all types of mold post health risks, and should therefore be removed immediately. Also, the CDC points out that do-it-yourself mold tests are not worth the money if you are going to remove the mold anyway. Mold tests, however, can be used if you are uncertain as to whether a growth in your home is actually mold. If you suspect a massive mold growth in your home, contact a specialist immediately. Never touch suspected mold with unprotected hands.