How to Remove Rust From Vinyl Siding

Jennifer Habersham

Vinyl siding can become rusted for numerous reasons. Drippings from an air conditioner and too many minerals in your water are often the cause. Whatever the reason for the rusty vinyl, one thing can be certain: It is very unattractive to look at.

Thankfully, it is quite easy to remove the rust stains from your vinyl siding. To avoid rust stains in the future, clean your vinyl siding on a regular basis. Basic upkeep and maintenance is the way to stave off rust stains.

  1. Spray down your vinyl siding with your garden hose. This will help to remove any caked on dirt or debris.

  2. Poor Rust Aid into your squirt bottle.

  3. Squirt the Rust Aid directly onto the rusted area of the vinyl siding. It will dissolve the rust immediately.

  4. Spray your vinyl siding once more to remove the Rust Aid. Any left over rust will be washed away.