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Products to Restore Vinyl Siding

Keith Allen

Vinyl siding is intended as a permanent exterior wall covering. Aside from routine cleaning, performed with soap and water, the siding is intended to last the life of the home. Over time, however, discoloration or fading does occur.

Manufacturers produce a number of products designed to not only clean the siding but also restore color and luster to the siding.

Vivilon Products

Vivilon produces a number of products all aimed at restoring the color of vinyl siding. The Vivilon Classic is the top-of-the line product, according to its website. The Classic is a blend of resins that coats the vinyl siding and is intended to restore color and gloss. Other options include products that use water as a base rather than the solvents used in the Classic. The Vivilon line also includes a product known as Eraser, which is used to remove paint such as graffiti from vinyl siding.

Vinyl ReNu

Vinyl ReNu is a polymer coating that, when applied to vinyl siding, provides a protective layer that also prevents the growth of molds and mildews. The clear protective coat also prevents sun fading and other damage to the siding. The product is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency and is allowed for use in California.

Vinyl Restorer

Vinyl Restorer is applied after the vinyl siding has been power washed and allowed to dry. The product is sprayed on the siding to form a clear coat that protects the siding against sun exposure as well as molds and fungus. The clear coat expands and contracts with the siding during temperature changes to prevent cracking and checking of the protective coat. Vinyl Restorer carries a 10-year warranty, according to the manufacturer, Liquid Spray Siding, website. The manufacturer estimates the costs of applying Vinyl Restorer is about 25 percent less than the costs associated with replacing the vinyl siding.