Portfolio Light Fixture Repair

Rich Finzer

Portfolio fixtures are one of the more popular brands of in-home lighting. Portfolio, a division of Cooper Lighting, manufactures hundreds of styles of light fixtures. However, even a well-made Portfolio product may still need an occasional repair.

The good news is that Portfolio also manufactures a huge variety of repair and replacement parts. Most are relatively inexpensive, easy to install and available at many home improvement and lighting retailers.

Switches and Sockets

If your fixture's socket is causing the bulb to flicker, it's time to replace it. Portfolio replacement sockets are available with either brass or white-metal finishes. Portfolio also manufactures bakelite sockets for use in retro-look lighting fixtures. Socket switch types include push button, three-way and pull-chain models. If the faulty socket is in a ceiling mounted dome fixture, Portfolio also manufactures replacement keyless (lacking a switch) socket adapter kits. Should the in-line switch on your swag lamp cord be on its last legs, replacement switches are available in either brown or white. Both sockets and in-line switches are easy to replace and require only a few tools. Be sure to unplug the lamp from the wall socket or turn it off at the wall switch before replacing either.

Fancy Accents

If the finial on your lamp is damaged or discolored from age, replacement units are available in a variety of styles, colors and materials. Over time, the hanging crystal prisms on a chandelier are sometimes accidentally cracked or chipped. Crystal kits containing five new prisms are available to fix that problem too. If the pull chain on your fixture is dulled or worn, replacement chains are also available. They are sold in standard 3-foot lengths and can be trimmed to suit your individual tastes. While you're replacing the chain, you could also brighten up the appearance of your fixture by adding a fancy chain charm. The best part about replacing any of the aforementioned components is that you won't need to switch off the power when doing so.

Other Repair Parts

If the cord on your Portfolio table, floor, or swag lamp is worn or damaged, replace it with a new one. Equipped with a molded plug, 12-foot replacement cords are available in either silver or gold. If the chain suspending your fixture is bent, rusted or discolored, new 3-foot chains are also available. Portfolio also produces a variety of ceiling canopies in various finishes as well as replacement lamp harps in both brass and white metal. If one or more of the glass shades on your overhead or wall mounted fixture are cracked or broken, there is an amazing variety of replacement units you might install. Good luck with your repair project.