The Average Cost of a Sunroom

Emily Beach

Sunrooms increase living space and provide a spot to enjoy the sunshine year-round, but all that sunny space doesn't come cheap. The average sunroom in the United States costs $73,546, according to a 2014 report by Remodeling Magazine -- although costs vary by region and design.

Interior of a bright sunroom.

Average Sunroom Cost

The $73,546 price tag calculated by Remodeling Magazine includes a standard 200-square-foot addition, including new footers, foundation and walls. It also includes the cost of all glass and framing as well as operable roof glazing to allow for ventilation. Finishes include a tile floor and ceiling fan along with shades that may be used to block the sun as needed.

Regional Variations

Sunroom prices are lowest in the west south-central region, which includes Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas. In this area, the average sunroom costs $68,811 as of 2014. In the more expensive Pacific region, a sunroom rings in at an average price of $82,655.

The Cost of Extras

When planning for your new sunroom, don't let unexpected extras blow your budget. Plan for the cost of permits as well as any planning or historic-preservation review costs. Tinted glass costs extra as do high-end finishes and operable roof sections or walls. You may wish to plan for new landscaping to complement your sunroom.

Ways to Save

The National Association of Realtors estimates you can cut the cost of a sunroom by as much as $8,000 by using an existing door or window to access the new space. You also might save as much as 20 percent if you plan the space as a three-season sunroom, eliminating the need for heating and cooling systems.

Sunrooms and Home Value

The average sunroom addition boosts home value by 51.7 percent, adding $38,011 to the value of the home, according to Remodeling Magazine. Homes in some regions may experience a smaller value boost while those in high cost-of-living areas may enjoy a larger boost.