How to Cut Natural Stone

Natural stone, such as granite, marble and slate, is a popular choice for tiles and countertops in homes. The attraction to natural stone is that no two pieces are the same. However, cutting natural stone can be a challenge. That may deter some from choosing stone.

But the quality and look of stone may be well worth the effort for others.

Cutting Natural Stone

  1. Get a diamond saw or a wet saw. These are expensive tools that may be easier and cheaper to rent. When using a wet saw, you will need to be close to a water source. A wet saw is messier than the diamond saw, but it is easier. Once you decide on the tool to use you are ready to measure the stones.

  2. Measure pieces to fit. Once you are ready to lay your stones, you will need to measure the stones that are going to make up the outer edge of your project. To do this you simply measure from the last stone laid to the edge of your project. Measure your stone and mark it on the back to fit into the space you have to fill.

  3. Cut the stone. You have to be careful not to break or chip the piece. To do this, make sure that the stone is on a bed of sand or suspended in the air. You can achieve this by sitting the stone on two blocks as if the blocks were sawhorses. Because stone creates a lot of dust when cutting be sure to wear goggles and a face mask. Never force the saw through the stone, instead gently start the saw out on the edge and let it cut its way through the stone.