How to Build Triangle Shelving

It's shelving, but with a twist! Make these fun triangular shelves that look fantastic and keep those smaller necessities close at hand.

The great thing about DIY projects is that you can really make something that's different, decorative and useful at the same time. These triangle shelves are not only a great way to update a neglected corner, but they are also the perfect place for storing all those small knick knacks. Imagine a row of nail polishes within arm's reach, or your keys always being where you can find them! I bet you can’t wait to get your own triangle shelving up now. Luckily they’re also easy to make. Just follow the tutorial below.

    Cut the Wood

  1. Set your miter saw to 60 degrees (this might be 30 degree depending on your saw setup. Either will work) and saw the end of your wood strip to this angle.

  2. Measure 8 inches from the longest point down the wood strip and mark with a pencil. This will be the longer of the sides. Move your mitre saw into the opposite position and saw making sure the pencil mark is the at the furthest point. This should make the angles at each end of the wood opposite each other as shown below.

  3. Complete these steps three times to make the three sides of the shelf.

  4. Assemble the Triangle (3 Ways)

  5. Place your pieces of wood together as shown below to make sure you've completed the cutting section correctly.

  6. Depending on the strength and durability you need for your shelf you have three options for assembling. The first is the easiest, but it's also the weakest.

  7. Option 1: Use Wood Glue

  8. Cover one end in glue and hold it in place against the second piece. Wipe off the excess glue and hold in place for a couple of minutes. Spread glue on the other end of the second piece and one end of the third piece. Set this in place making sure the joints down shift. Wipe off the excess glue and make sure it's not sticking to the surface below. Leave this to dry overnight.

  9. Option 2: Use Nails

  10. Holding the pieces in place (you might need a clamp to help with this) take a nail and hammer into the outer piece of wood at the corner. Keep your nail at an angle to the wood so it goes straight through into the second piece. Repeat this at all the corners.

  11. Option 3: Use Screws

  12. Drill a hole in the outer piece of wood the same width as your screws. Again you will need to make this hole at an angle so the screw will go through the first piece of wood and straight into the second. Choose a screw that is a little longer than the width of the wood. Using a screw driver, turn the screw through the hole in the first piece of wood and into the second. Repeat for each side.

  13. Hang Your Shelves

  14. To hang, either hammer picture hangers into the wall in line with the backs of the shelves, or simply hammer nails into the wall for the shelves to rest on.