Office Coffee Rules

Joey Papa

Coffee can become a very messy part of office culture. Implementing office coffee rules can save you and your fellow workers a lot of tension. Establishing certain rules that everyone in the office is aware of and accountable for will help maintain healthy relationships and fresh, readily available coffee.

Maintaining the coffee area will help keep things organized and clean. Once you implement the rules, be sure to clearly communicate them in an email and at your next company meeting.

Brew When Empty

A common issue with office coffee is that someone will take the last cup and leave the pot empty. The first rule should require anyone who is taking the last cup (or close) to brew a new pot. Post step-by-step instructions to avoid any confusion. Draw a line on the coffee pot that indicates when the coffee should be brewed.

Assign a Coffee Stocker

Rotate people on a weekly basis to be responsible for stocking the coffee bar. This person should check the coffee area in the morning, at lunch and right before leaving at night. Have this person stock the refrigerator with milk and creamer and maintain the condiment supply with sugar and artificial sweeteners. He will also be responsible for stocking the cups, lids, napkins and coffee stirrers. This person should also notify management if more supplies need to be ordered. Give every person in the office an opportunity to fulfill this role so the coffee bar is a shared responsibility.

Clean Up

Cleaning up after oneself is another needed rule. Coffee mugs should not find their way to the sink without being washed. Sugar packets need to be discarded after use and any spilled sugar needs to wiped up. Provide clean cloths soaking in a sanitizer solution for employees to use at will after making or using the coffee area. Post rules and expectations for a clean coffee area. Create a weekly checklist that an employee can follow for a detailed cleaning of the coffee equipment and general area.