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How to Troubleshoot a Trinity Boiler

Dan Gaz

The Trinity Boiler, manufactured by NY Thermal Inc., is an efficient take on an old boiler design. From time to time, malfunctions might happen, so it's important to know how to troubleshoot the wide variety of error messages that appear on the console.

  1. Locate the error message on the unit. It will be located on the internal diagnostic system within the unit.

  2. Write down the error code, for later reference. The error codes range from ER1 to ER6. Any problem thereafter is usually detected by means of a noise or even something failing to turn on or work properly.

  3. Search for the error code/problem in the troubleshooting manuals that are available. NY Thermal has error codes/problems in the user's manual, in addition to a diagnostic flow chart. Both resources are listed below in References.

  4. Eliminate the error code on the display by troubleshooting the problem. A common error message is "ER1." This means that the safety limit of 250 degrees Fahrenheit has been reached. To eliminate this problem, check to see if water is dripping on the sensor. From there, reduce the "Hi" setting and/or ensure that there is proper water circulation in the system.

  5. Stop your boiler from working improperly by assessing the problem. For example, if your boiler bangs or hisses while in use, it indicates insufficient flow within. To eliminate this issue, ensure the plumbing is set up according to the manual's specifications. You might need to also check the pumps to ensure they're not faulty, as well as the end switches to see if they're actually stuck. Failure to alleviate this problem will cause your boiler to overheat.

  6. Contact Trinity, if necessary, to locate a licensed boiler repairman if the problem is too large for you to solve. They can be reached at [email protected]

  7. Tip

    The troubleshooting tips included are just a few of the many errors that could appear, both on your Trinity display and within your actual boiler. Refer to the two links that have all the possibilities of error messages/malfunctions for more information.


    NY Thermal, manufacturers of the Trinity boiler series, say that "this boiler must be installed by a licensed and trained Heating Technician; otherwise the warranty of this unit is void. Failure to properly install this unit could cause damage to property and injury to occupants possibly resulting in death."