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Problems With a Frigidaire Gas Oven That Preheats Then Stops

Meredith Jameson

Frigidaire gas ovens usually preheat in about 10 minutes, although some models have a power preheat option that heats the oven in less than six minutes. Once preheated, the oven should maintain the set cooking temperature until the oven is turned off. If, however, the oven shuts off after preheating is complete, some troubleshooting is necessary.

Weak Ignitor

A weak gas ignitor is a likely cause of the shut-off problem. To determine if this is the problem, press “Broil” and make sure the broil burner heats up correctly and stays heated. If the broiler works, inspect the ignitor next. Disconnect power to the Frigidaire oven and let the oven cool. Remove the thumb screws at the back of the oven panel bottom panel and lift the panel up to slide the panel out. Disconnect the flame spreader, which is located on top of the bake burner. Press the “Bake” button and allow the oven to preheat, and then watch to see if the glow bar ignitor continues to glow even when the oven cycles off. If the ignitor glows even when the oven has turned off in the heat cycle, the ignitor should be replaced. Contact Frigidaire for assistance.

Gas Safety Valve

The gas safety valve should open when the sensor from the pilot light that travels through to the gas valve calls for gas. The valve then closes when the oven cycles off. If the gas valve is defective, the valve either will not open properly or will not stay open. This means that the gas safety valve should be replaced. Turn the oven off and turn off the main gas supply valve. Contact Frigidaire for service. Remember to stop immediately if you smell gas at any point and leave the house before calling the gas company.

Electric Oven Control Board

The electronic oven control board (EOC) may also be responsible for the oven turning off if there is a misconnection or other electrical problem. The EOC is partially responsible for maintaining the temperature in the oven and will need to be examined and possibly replaced if there is a defect with the EOC. Call Frigidaire for help.

Oven Temperature Sensor

Inside the oven is a temperature sensor that monitors the temperature and maintains the set temperature point. If the sensor is defective or broken, the oven will preheat but will shut off because the sensor is not communicating correctly with the oven control. Try disconnecting power to the Frigidaire oven and waiting 30 seconds before restoring power to perform a reset. Select a new temperature and wait to see if the oven stays on after preheating. If the oven shuts off, contact Frigidaire.