Jenn-Air Grill Troubleshooting

Frank Whittemore

Jenn-Air grills offer solid, well-built work stations for outdoor cooking and entertaining. They are designed to provide excellent service and will continue to do so for many years, if properly maintained.

If your grill fails to function properly, some simple troubleshooting methods may help get it working again without needing to have the unit serviced.

Before you start

During the troubleshooting process, you may need to clean the burners in your Jenn-Air grill. When cleaning the burners, ensure that the grill is set to the "OFF" position and is cool. The burner should be cleaned with a wire brush. Stubborn dirt can be cleaned with a scraper. Use a straightened paper clip to clear any ports or orifices. Never use a toothpick, or similar item, as it can break off in the port, blocking proper gas flow.

Burner problems

First, check the burners to see if they are clear of debris. Because the grill is kept outside, spiders and other insects often nest in the burners, particularly if the grill has not been recently used. This is a potentially dangerous situation. Burners that are fouled can cause the gas to flow out of the front of the burner, resulting in a fire behind the valve panel. Also, inspect the burners if you notice the smell of gas and the burner flames appearing yellow, if the grill won't reach the proper temperature or heats unevenly, or if the burners make a popping noise. Clean the burners as needed.

Ignition problems

If your Jenn-Air grill won't light, first check the liquid propane tank to ensure that it is full or check the natural gas line to ensure the cut-off valve is in the on position.

Check that the wires and spark electrode are properly connected. Examine them to see if they are dirty. Clean the wires and electrode, if necessary, with some rubbing alcohol and a clean cotton swab. Wipe the electrode dry before attempting to light the grill again.

If other burners in the unit are operating correctly, check the gas orifice of the burner that is not working for any obstructions and clear it, if needed.

Heating problems

Always allow the grill to preheat for 15 minutes prior to use. If the grill will not heat properly, even when set on "HI", check that there is sufficient gas and pressure to the burner. Examine the gas line for kinks. If only one burner is burning low, check the gas orifice and clean the burner.

If the grill fails to heat because the flame burns yellow or orange and there is an odor of gas, have the unit repaired by an authorized service center.