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How to Clean Burners on an Electric Frigidaire Stove

Alexis Lawrence

Though the company is best known for its refrigerators, Frigidaire also manufacturers other kitchen appliances, including electric stoves. Like the burners on any electric stove, the burners on an electric Frigidaire stove can dirty after repeated use. Dirty burners won't always heat properly. You can prevent dirt from causing cooking issues by keeping your burners clean through regular maintenance.

  1. Fill the sink with hot, soapy water using any standard dish soap. Remove the burner coils from the Electric Frigidaire stove by lifting them up on the side that is not connected to the stove and pulling them toward you and away from the electrical unit. Once the burner coils are removed, lift out the drip pans and put them in the water.

  2. Place the burner coils on a towel next to the sink. Do not submerge the coils into the water.

  3. Dip a dish brush into the soapy water to wet it. Pick up the first burner coil and brush off any caked-on food. Then brush the entire burner coil to remove any build-up. Repeat for the other burner coils.

  4. Look at the electrical component of the burner coil where it plugs into the stove. If the plug appears dirty, wipe the plug vigorously with a dry dish cloth to remove the dirt. If some dirt won't come off, scratch it with your fingernail. Avoid getting the plug wet.

  5. Rinse the coils by wetting a dish cloth with clean water and wiping the coils to remove soap residue. Allow the burner coils to sit out on the towel until they dry fully before returning them to the stovetop.

  6. Clean the drip trays while you wait for the burner coils to dry. Wash the drip trays as you would any normal dish, using the dish brush to remove caked-on dirt. Rinse the trays after washing and set them out on a towel to dry. Once the trays and burner coils are dry, return them to the stove.