Luxury Vinyl Tile Planks Vs. Laminate

There are many synthetic flooring options, and vinyl and laminate are two of the most common. Each is versatile in appearance and durability while retaining its own particular advantages.

Laminate flooring that effectively imitates wood


Even the best luxury vinyl tile or plank is prone to ripping and tearing if exposed to a lot of traffic. Both vinyl and laminate floors are resistant to moisture, but laminate handles impacts and traffic without damage.


Both vinyl and laminate floors are created synthetically and can take on many looks. Vinyl floors are usually more diverse in style, while laminate floors usually resemble wood or stone.


Both vinyl and laminate floors can be put in without professional assistance, but luxury vinyl tiles and planks, especially those with self-adhesives, are more straightforward in their installation.


Vinyl tile and plank floors tend to accumulate residue in their cracks, which can make them difficult to clean. Due to their smooth surface, laminate floors can be maintained simply by sweeping and periodic cleaning.


Laminate floors are a little more expensive than even the best of their vinyl tile and plank counterparts. Neither type of floor is likely to exceed 15 to 30 years of longevity, and neither adds overall value to a home.