Pella Window Problems

Alexis Writing

Pella is a brand of windows and doors that offers Energy Star-rated products which claim to help reduce energy bills. Pella also claims that the glass it uses in its windows helps reduce noise pollution in the household, while also offering good insulation.

Pella windows come in a wide variety of styles including awning, bay and bow, casement, double-hung, garden, single-hung, siding and special shapes.

Locking Problems

Pella windows are not free from problems and complaints. Some customers report a problem with the design concerning the window's locking system. Especially in the case of exceptionally large windows, customers claim that Pella windows fail to lock when they are not shimmed tightly on the vertical jambs. When you don't tighten the shimming sufficiently, the window pops out, and it can be very difficult to tighten the shims so they are sufficiently tight. Customers believe this problem occurs because the locking system has a straight slot that engages it to the sash instead of having a sloping kind of slot. There is no provision for the lock to first embrace the sash before it closes tight for locking.

Stains and NFRC Rating

Another problem relates to the ease with which the product stains. Consumers report that the stains give the appearance of mustiness in the product. Many customers also comment on the fact that there is no National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) rating (which rates energy efficiency of windows and doors) for the product, and some customers report that representatives and vendors have not even heard of this system.

Customer Service

Some customers have also been put off by what they believe to be inept customer service associated with Pella windows. Some have found Pella’s customer service highly unprofessional, with unsatisfactory responses to customers’ complaints, such as blaming the customer for faulty installation.